Hanna Osman

Policy Researcher/Analyst

Hanna Osman (she/her) is a passionate public health professional who is excited to be part of a team that values consumer-based policy through equitable actions specific to Oregon’s communities. She believes that we are living in a time where advancing the rights of consumers is critical. And being a part of a nonprofit organization that develops the tools to support advocacy, research, education, and engagement so that consumer justice is at the forefront is an important shift in her professional career.

One of her biggest accomplishments includes working on the West Portland Town Center Plan, which includes stewarding an inclusive community engagement process and applying a health equity lens to a major community planning project. Her interests include health equity, social justice, community engagement, social determinants of health, and the built environment. She values her time with her family, friends, and community. As she moves forward professionally, she is actively discovering ways to bring her public health lens into the urban planning and policy world, especially in using public health frameworks that lay the foundation for a healthier community. In all, Hanna is an aspiring leader that is building on the work of current and past leaders.


Get in touch with Hanna: hosman (at) ocj (dot) org