Lucia Becchetti, CRP

Trial and Litigation Paralegal, OCJ Law

Lucia (she/her) grew up in a family where social justice was at the forefront of her family morals and values. As a daughter of a single mother, who is now happily married to a woman, granddaughter to a transgender person, and third-generation Italian American born in this country, Lucia was aware at a young age of the inequality that runs rampant here. She grew up living on both coasts and spending summers in Atmore, AL as well as Colorado and Brooklyn, NY. She grew up in a family that believed in and encouraged diversity and encouraged open-mindedness. She was taught she has privileges others do not and to use those privileges to benefit and lift up others. Her mother and family lived what they spoke, spending weekends in her youth demonstrating and marching through the streets of Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City in support of workers’ rights, voting rights, and equal rights for all. When they were not out on the streets supporting a cause, they were working behind the scenes to get a message out. These political marches and activities cultivated a yearning to work in a field where she is giving back. Working as a litigation paralegal has helped her obtain this goal.


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