Emergency Eviction Response Grants

Aug 30, 2021

10/4/2021 Update: We have closed applications for this grant. Thank you for your interest. Please join our mailing list to stay apprised of future opportunities. Thank you.

Oregon Consumer Justice is concerned about the many Oregonians who may qualify for help paying their past or future rent who don’t know that they can and should apply, or who need help applying. We are impressed by the many ways that community partners are stepping up to help address the huge gap in our current systems.

We are offering small emergency response grants to community based partners who are using their connections, skills, and creativity to reach Oregon residents with the message that rent assistance is available, and those who are helping residents get the help they deserve and need. We know that you, as trusted community partners and resources, are where people turn for information and advice they can count on.

Grants will be made in amounts of $5,000 to $50,000 for work over the next two to six months. Grant applications open on 8/30/2021 and we hope to review proposals and make grants beginning in early to mid-September, and will continue to make grants on a rolling basis if resources allow. Grants will be made with minimal requirements for reporting, though we may ask grantees to debrief with us or together as a group so that we can learn from one another’s experiences.

Additional Details

  • All 501c3 organizations are eligible to apply. Community organizations not designated as a 501c3 are also eligible though we may have a few additional follow up questions
  • Funds must be focused on engaging renters residing in Oregon
  • OCJ has allocated a minimum of $500,000 to fund emergency response grants
  • The process is completely online and is designed to be relatively simple for applicants to complete


Please direct any questions to grants@ocj.org.


If grants are evaluated on a rolling basis, does it matter when we might apply?

Given the urgent and dynamic nature of the events happening in this space and the fact that applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis, we encourage organizations to apply as soon as possible.

Can renters with back rents owed receive funding?

Funds awarded can only be used for outreach and awareness purposes to inform renters about the resources that may be available to them and, secondarily, to support tenants applying for rent relief funds.

Where did these funds come from?

OCJ was established using unclaimed settlement proceeds from the class action lawsuit Scharfstein v. BP West Coast Products LLC. Our mission is to advocate for Oregon consumers and earlier this year our Board set aside funds from our reserve to assist renters facing eviction. We see the threat of eviction as a threat to Oregon consumers’ financial and personal stability.

We support tenants in many other capacities. Can we use grant funds to build capacity or support initiatives in other areas?

This emergency response opportunity is focused on engaging tenants who may be unaware of or unable to access the financial resources available to them. We encourage organizations to join our mailing list to stay apprised of our future grant making opportunities