OCJ’s Legal Team Expands

Mar 2, 2023

The Oregon Consumer Justice team continues to grow, scaling our team to take on the challenges facing Oregon consumers! We are thrilled to welcome to the team the following hires:

  • Lucia Becchetti, Trial and Litigation Paralegal
  • Matthew Kirkpatrick, Trial Lawyer

Meet the team!

Lucia Becchetti (she/her)

Trial and Litigation Paralegal

From helping a consumer law attorney to prepare and work a case for trial, or by directly supporting a consumer client to find justice when harmed, Lucia looks forward to helping others in any way she is able .


Lucia’s upbringing and commitment to living her beliefs has set the stage for work at OCJ, providing her the skills both professionally and personally to help others.

Fun fact: Lucia’s family does not address her by her legal name unless she has done something to warrant the use of her full name, i.e. she’s in trouble. Same goes with her friends. It’s how you can tell how intimately someone knows her or how they know her by how they address her, with a couple of exceptions to the rule.

Matthew Kirkpatrick (he/him)

Trial Lawyer

Matt looks forward to helping OCJ become a powerhouse for consumer protection to reset the scales of justice to the benefit of all Oregon consumers.

Matt has been on both sides of the consumer/consumer attorney fence. After Matt had his identity stolen, ruining his credit, he struggled to find the legal help he needed at an affordable price. He stumbled upon local consumer attorney heroes who took his case on a contingent-fee basis and were able to take it all the way to trial. Following their example, Matt was inspired to go to law school. He has spent the last 15 years as trial lawyer helping Oregon consumers access justice.

Fun fact: Matt has sworn with Tim Busfield, been sworn at by Kevin Costner, and gambled with Darth Vader.

Lucia and Matthew join our legal team, under the direction of Robert Le, OCJ’s Legal Director.

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