Who We Are


We envision a vibrant Oregon where all people live with dignity and abundance and experience health, joy, and economic opportunity.


Oregon Consumer Justice (OCJ) organizes, advocates, and supports litigation to advance a justice movement that puts people first, ensuring all have the freedom to thrive and equitably share in our abundance of resources. For too long, flawed systems and economic policies that favor profits over people have stood in the way of this reality, with communities of color often experiencing the most significant harm. Strengthened through responsive and reciprocal community relationships, OCJ is building a future where financial and business transactions can be relied upon as safe and where all Oregonians know and have recourse to exercise their consumer rights.


At Oregon Consumer Justice, we value equity, abundance, interconnection, integrity, trust, and courage. These are the fundamental beliefs of our organization with the following definitions:


Equity is the foundation of justice and liberation. Equity ensures all people have just and inclusive access to all they need to participate in society and reach their full potential.



Abundance means acting in the knowledge that there is plenty to go around. Abundance is realized when everyone has their essential needs met and can fully live with dignity.


We are strengthened when we embrace our shared humanity and interdependence. By working collectively, together, we can achieve a just and equitable future.


Integrity is showing up consistently for our values. We are accountable for our outcomes. We challenge ourselves and others to take risks, be willing to fail, and openly learn from our experiences. 



Trust is rooted in safety, reliability, and consistency. Trust, coupled with integrity, is paramount to building strong relationships and advancing our movement.


Courage is taking audacious risks to effect meaningful change. Courage is required to disrupt and reimagine systems and policies rooted in justice.   

Guiding Principles 

These guiding principles orient and make actionable our values in how we approach our work, regardless of changes in goals, strategies, or the type of activities we do. They provide a set of shared acknowledgments for how we approach our work. 

  • We know that inequities based on social, racial, gender, ability, economic, and environmental characteristics are baked into every social, political, and economic system. While recognizing that we must work within oppressive and harmful systems, we are committed to the work required to achieve equity. 
  • We recognize that we are surrounded by abundance and work to ensure all Oregonians can share in this abundance. 
  • We center people and communities most impacted by predatory practices. We trust the wisdom of communities and elevate and support community leaders and community-led strategies to access power and resources. 
  • We recognize that trust is earned. We strive to build authentic relationships with partners and communities. We commit to working to address the inevitable conflicts that will arise in justice work.
  • We focus our efforts throughout all of Oregon. We are accountable for our outcomes and aspire to be an example to other states and nationally.
  • We reimagine what’s possible, disrupt harmful business practices to hold bad actors and flawed systems accountable, and build consumer power.