OCJ Announces Hiring of Leadership Team Members

Oct 10, 2022

September was an exciting month, as we welcomed new employees to the Oregon Consumer Justice team! We are pleased to announce the following hires:

  • Amanda Green, Chief Financial Officer
  • Leland Baxter-Neal, Director, Community Lawyering and Movement Building
  • Michelle Luedtke, Communications Director
  • Robert Le, Legal Director 

Meet the team!


Leland Baxter-Neal (he/him)

Director, Community Lawyering and Movement Building

Leland has spent much of the last decade working in the movement for immigrant justice, developing deep community relationships and a breadth of advocacy skills. He is particularly proud of his work to pass Oregon’s Sanctuary Promise Act, one of the strongest sanctuary laws in the nation. Leland looks forward to partnering with communities across the state to create and realize a vision for a more just and equitable marketplace and society. 

Fun fact: Leland’s first career was in journalism, and he spent nearly 5 years living and working as a reporter based in Costa Rica and Central America.

Amanda Green (she/her)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

For Amanda, the issue of consumer justice is very close to her heart, having done her undergraduate work in consumer affairs. Amanda got her start in nonprofit work in the feminist anti-violence movement and brings her deep background in nonprofit financial management and enthusiasm to her role at OCJ. She is excited to work with an amazing team to make real change for Oregon’s consumers. 

Fun fact: Amanda is obsessed with Pretzel M&Ms.

Michelle Luedtke (she/her)

Communications Director

Michelle comes to OCJ with over a decade of diverse expertise in design, data and research, communications, and organizational development. Core to her personal and professional journey is storytelling, powering images, numbers, and words to build community, connect, and affect positive change. She looks forward to centering the stories of communities in reimagining the consumer landscape. 

Fun fact: While living in California, Michelle organized the installation of a community-built playground in her neighborhood.

Robert Le (he/him)

Legal Director

As the son of immigrant parents, Robert understands the challenges of community members who face barriers to justice. In his years of legal practice, Robert has only represented individuals, real people against corporate interest, serving their legal needs in an assertive and accessible manner. In his role at OCJ, he looks forward to expanding his impact and using his lived experience to bring change.

Fun fact: Robert likes Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups washed down with coffee or espresso. Reese’s will do in a pinch.

These team members bring decades of expertise in their fields and share a deep commitment to community and advancing racial, social, and consumer justice. Leland, Amanda, Michelle, and Robert join OCJ’s leadership team alongside our executive director, Jagjit Nagra, and the rest of the existing team. With this growth of OCJ’s staff, we are strengthened by new insights, perspectives, and expertise as we prepare for our organizational planning retreat later in October.

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