OCJ Welcomes Policy Team Members

Nov 30, 2022

Just over a month ago, we welcomed two new members to the Oregon Consumer Justice team! We are pleased to announce the following hires:

  • Hanna Osman, Policy Researcher/Analyst
  • Megan Quintrell, Advocacy Cohort Lead

Meet the team!

Hanna Osman (she/her)

Policy Researcher/Analyst

Among other topics, Hanna is excited to work on data privacy, cryptocurrency, and medical debt in her role. She would love to become an expert on these topics and to interface with consumers in a manner that engages, informs, and uplifts. Her lived experience and background in public health have provided her with foundational knowledge for what she hopes to do at OCJ. She also looks forward to learning new things and sharing her own knowledge. 

Fun fact: Hanna loves cats!

Megan Quintrell (they/them)

Policy Cohort Lead

Megan is dedicated to supporting efforts to create consumer policies that empower Oregonians with the freedom to thrive. While working in education for thirteen years, they found their innate drive towards justice, knowledge sharing, and community building were essential skills in navigating systemic forms of oppression. Their experience led them to participate in many district equity committees where they collaborated in creating and redesigning policies to protect Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender Expansive students and staff.

Fun fact: Homemade tortillas, shrimp tacos, and ceviche are Megan’s absolute favorite foods! They can throw down some tacos anytime!

Hanna and Megan join our policy team under the direction of Chris Coughlin, OCJ’s Policy Director. They will support our legislative agenda, policy development, and play an integral role as we build a broad, community-based and community-guided movement to achieve consumer justice in Oregon.

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