OCJ Celebrates the Contributions of Founding Board Members

Apr 25, 2022

Oregon Consumer Justice was formed as part of a class action lawsuit on behalf of more than two million customers of Arco/BP gas stations. Because not all of the individuals who were entitled to claim damages could be located, a substantial amount of money was subject to allocation through a court order in what is called a cy pres hearing and order. That cy pres order, filed by the court on April 26, 2016, named the three Board members who were charged with the creation of Oregon Consumer Justice: Henry Kantor as Chair, Justin Baxter as Secretary, and Emily Reiman as Treasurer. 

In 2019, the class action lawsuit was settled, and in July 2019 Oregon Consumer Justice received its first infusion of funds. 

Henry, Justin, and Emily have recently concluded their executive officer positions on OCJ’s Board of Directors, marking six years of critical leadership for the organization. Since our founding, these three board members have laid the groundwork for what OCJ has become—incorporating, achieving non-profit status under IRS code, building the Board of Directors, hiring staff, and most recently, hiring our first permanent Executive Director. We want to honor them for their dedication and contributions, for their countless hours of hard work, and for holding the vision of OCJ.

Executive Director, Jagjit Nagra, celebrated their mammoth contributions during an April board meeting:

Henry Kantor

“Henry’s deep and thoughtful analysis of various matters since OCJ’s inception is highly appreciated. His vast experience within the judicial and broader legal realm speaks for itself and is arguably unrivaled. Moreover, Henry’s care and commitment to OCJ are evident in his actions, his palpable excitement about what is possible within the consumer advocacy landscape, and how OCJ can serve as the catalyst for change we all seek.”

Justin Baxter

“Justin adds significant value to OCJ with his sharp wit, sense of humor, calming presence, and brilliant legal analysis. His commitment to the consumer plaintiff’s bar is evidenced by his advocacy on behalf of consumer advocates. He brings new depth to the term ‘zealous advocate.’ Justin continues to expand OCJ’s thinking about how we can demonstrate both high-level leadership and bring a newfound sense of respect and appreciation for consumer advocates.”

Emily Reiman

“Emily is kind-hearted, unassuming, yet unquestionably brilliant. Her commitment to equity and advancing justice is evident in all her work on behalf of OCJ. Thank you so much, Emily, for the multiple roles you filled when OCJ was in its early development phase. Your steady hand and guidance have provided us with a stable foundation to execute our mission to alter the consumer landscape in Oregon and beyond. Without your contributions, we could not do the work.”

On behalf of the entire OCJ team and fellow Board members, we share our profound thanks and utmost gratitude for Henry, Justin, and Emily’s efforts in service to the organization. Their influence and action have set the stage for OCJ’s continued growth and impact. 

OCJ Board of Directors elected new officers to serve in executive leadership roles:  Se-ah-dom Edmo (Chair), Sayer Jones (Treasurer), and Jenny Pool Radway (Secretary). We will fully introduce Se-ah-dom, Sayer, and Jenny in an upcoming announcement. 

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