We are championing pro-consumer legislation.

This legislative session we are supporting targeted policies to advance consumer justice in Oregon.

In coalition with community organizations, OCJ is bringing forward and supporting legislation that reflects the needs of our communities and helps to protect Oregonians from bad business practices. We envision an inclusive future with an equitable marketplace where every financial and business transaction is safe, and Oregonians know and can exercise their consumer rights. 

Our 2023 lead priorities

Yo-Yo Financing

Eliminating Auto Financing Uncertainty

Legislation will ensure auto sales are not based on contingent financing but on agreed-upon terms, and that the details of loan payments are clearly outlined for consumers and honored by auto dealers who hold the loan.

Family Financial Protection Act

Common-Sense Updates to Safeguard Economic Well-Being

Legislation will provide a realistic pathway for families to recover after an unexpected financial hardship, rather than being pushed further into a cycle of debt and poverty.

Coalition agendas and bills we are supporting

Stop the Debt Trap Alliance

Our 2023 Legislative Agenda promotes solutions to modernize outdated laws and address practices that do not equitably serve all consumers, particularly communities of color and people with the lowest incomes, who are often the targets of exploitative and manipulative methods.

Fair Shot for All

Our work as a coalition is centered on ideas and input from those both historically and currently bearing the burden of Oregon’s broken systems and the COVID-19 pandemic. Our ideas work for the state as a whole because they work for those of us who are most impacted.

Stable Homes for Oregon Families

As we work towards long-term solutions by increasing housing supply, and as we work to address the immediate crisis of people living outside, we must take swift and decisive action to prevent more homelessness. Key elements: Eviction reform, Affordability protections, Housing market data collection, and Rent assistance.

Toxic-Free Kids and Cosmetics

Oregon is part of a growing movement to pass comprehensive legislation that protects our kids from toxic chemicals and to ensure that the worst chemicals are banned from the cosmetics and personal care products we use everyday.

Oregon Housing Alliance

The Housing Alliance has a vision of every Oregonian having a safe, stable, and affordable place to call home. To get there, we work together to advance a legislative agenda in Oregon which addresses our communities most pressing housing needs.