We are championing pro-consumer legislation.

Advancing a legislative agenda to pass essential consumer policies during the 2024 short legislative session.

OCJ is championing four pieces of legislation during the short legislative session to expand and modernize protections for Oregonians. We work to advance consumer rights and end unfair and predatory practices that strip wealth and resources from individuals and families.

Our 2024 priorities

Family Financial Protection Act

Common-Sense Updates to Safeguard Economic Well-Being

Legislation will provide a realistic pathway for families to recover after an unexpected financial hardship, rather than being pushed further into a cycle of debt and poverty.

The Right to Repair Act

Save families money and close the digital divide.

The Right to Repair Act would require manufacturing companies to make diagnostic tools, information, replacement parts, and tools available to consumers and third-party repair shops so Oregonians can more easily and affordably fix our stuff, either by themselves or by having options about where to repair our items.

Oregon’s Corporate Practice of Medicine Law

Ensure medical providers are in charge of patient care as owners and administrators of medical practices.

This bill aims to modernize regulations and ensure medical providers own and operate medical practices instead of corporations and private equity firms. It limits private equity contracts, prohibits non-compete agreements, and requires transparency in ownership disclosure to promote accountability and improve patient care decisions.

Common-sense limits for co-pay assistance limits

Provides immediate relief for people who need high cost medications.

The problem of co-pay assistance limits disproportionately affects individuals, particularly those with chronic conditions like HIV, who rely on high-cost drugs. HB 4113 addresses this issue by prohibiting insurers from restricting co-pay assistance for essential medications that do not have generic equivalents or those with demonstrated medical necessity. This bill will ensure immediate relief for consumers caught between insurance policies and the influence of Big Pharma.

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