Safeway BOGO Class Action Settlement

Sep 25, 2023

Your check is real. 

In 2016, Safeway shoppers in Oregon filed a lawsuit against Albertsons, the grocery store chain’s parent company, over pricing on buy-one-get-one (BOGO) sales on meat. The shoppers accused Safeway of violating state law by raising the price of meat products that were eventually sold under “Buy One, Get One Free” and “Buy One, Get Two Free” promotions. Safeway deceived customers into thinking they were getting a good deal under the promotions, when in fact the prices were hiked before the sale.

Safeway shoppers in Oregon who participated in the sales between May 2015 and September 2016 are eligible for a settlement payment of $200.

People who are eligible to receive the payments have already received a mail/email notice about the settlement, and that they will receive a forthcoming payment. Their $200 checks will begin to
arrive via mail around October 1, 2023.

Oregon Consumer Justice is committed to expanding and protecting the rights of consumers. This includes ensuring that consumers that have experienced harm due to unlawful actions receive the dollars they are entitled through legal action settlements. If you are are among those that received a payment for the Safeway BOGO class action settlement, your check is real—please cash it today. 

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