Purchasing a Used Car

OCJ’s Consumer Confidence Comics • Issue No. 1

Buying a car can be the most expensive purchase many of us will ever make.

In many cases, owning a car can be essential to keeping our jobs, accessing education, or getting medical care for ourselves or a loved one. Aside from helping us to meet obligations and needs, ready access to a vehicle can support and even enhance our capacity to thrive and shape the future we desire by helping us get where we need to go. 

This all sounds pretty important. That said, do you remember learning how to purchase a car when you were in school? How about your consumer rights throughout the process, how to capture dealer promises, the benefits of securing financing before going to the dealership, scams to avoid, or, importantly—what to do if things don’t go according to plan with your new purchase? 

Yeah, we don’t either.

With all this in mind, Oregon Consumer Justice partnered with Young Walgenkim, consumer attorney and author, and local illustrator Audra McNamee to develop our first issue of Consumer Confidence Comics! Titled “Purchasing a Used Car,” our first comic book tackles the car-buying process from start to finish, filled with practical tips and QR codes that link to in-depth articles and resources like a handy checklist to print and take with you to the car dealership. Check it out and share it with your friends and communities!

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    Available in English and Spanish (and doubling as a coloring book for when you want to unwind with some educational reading), this comic will help you confidently tackle the complicated transaction of buying a used car.

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    In-depth articles to fuel your knowledge

    Explore additional articles for more insights on each comic book section.

    5 tips for buying a used car

    Used car financing

    Watch out for these common scams

    What to do when things go wrong

    Resources to navigate the process

    Used Vehicle Checklist

    This handout outlines essential questions to ask the dealer about the used car you want to buy. Print and bring it with you to the dealership. 

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